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Cold Press Records

2020 Is History by Various Artists


'2020 Is History' is a time capsule of music made in Singapore. 

A compilation by Cold Press Records 

Released on 16 December 2020

1. Pedestrian Life ft. Marj (alt. ver) - Wednesday’s Child
2. D.E.M - Masbro
3. Where Were We - Islandeer
4. Blue Coincidence - 10vacations
5. The Moon - Everything Us Alright
6. J - Vivien Yap
7. Stranger - thecolorfractal
8. Anywhere - In Space
9. Strange Holiday - Cherry Syrup
10. Sent from my iPhone - danielchanxianwen

An Edition of 30*
^ DIY cassette tapes are handcrafted and produced in marbled colours. Each tape comes packed in a jewel box.
A random colour variant will be selected with every purchase. 

Catalogue no.: CPR-003

Special thanks to all the artists and Where Are The Fruits for being a part of this! 

* A limited edition version will be produced for the first 10 copies. Each limited edition copy is packaged to look like a miniature textbook and comes with an artist booklet. Please leave an order note if you wish to opt out of the limited edition copy. (Update: Limited Edition versions are sold out)

^ Products may experience some imperfections due to the DIY nature of the production.